The Foundations Class Sponsors Thanksgiving In A Box Drive


Via Press Release

     Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That said, it is a time of GIVING, and a time to be THANKFUL. The Foundations Class is participating in the Thanksgiving-In-A-Box drive. This drive collects food that is distributed to families in need in Westchester.
     The class is asking for donations to help make a “box.” Each box comes out to be $69.00 worth of pre-selected items.
     The Foundations Class will take all donations and then to go to Manor Market to buy any/all items in order to “make each box.” Their goal is to make/donate as many boxes as possible with each label reading,  “Donated by PMHS”
      Please contact Mr. Solazzo at [email protected] if you would like to make a donation.  The class will be happy to accept any and all monetary donations  to help them reach their goal.