Pelham Students Vote for the First Time


(clockwise from top) Seniors Grace Anderson, Luke Gould, Maeve Parmelee, and Steph Munn reflect on their experience as first-time voters.

Grace Anderson, Senior
“Voting was super weird but it was a cool moment because it was a real sign to me that I really am grown up and have new responsibilities.”

Luke Gould, Senior
“The whole process did not take very long but honestly it was more outdated than I expected. I was not expecting to have to bubble in my vote on a piece of paper. But overall the  whole voting process was very quick and well organized.”

Maeve Parmelee, Senior
“It was an exciting experience to finally be able to vote and know that my voice was actually being heard.”

Steph Munn, Senior
“Going through the process was confusing at first because no one had prepared me for what to expect. For example, it took me a  minute to figure out how the ballot worked because I’ve never encountered one before. Despite the initial confusion, it felt extremely gratifying to be able to influence politics in my town and state.”