Giving Back in Boxes


Kate Loughran

Each Thanksgiving box included food items and beverages.

Kate Loughran, Managing Editor, Sophomore

This year, a tradition in the town of Pelham not only continued, but expanded into the school district. The Thanksgiving in a Box program, now in its 14th year, has long been sponsored by various religious groups along with Family Services of Westchester. For the 2nd consecutive year, the faculty of PMHS is getting involved in the worthy initiative.

The Pelham community pitched in to participate in this food drive that helps families across Westchester who were unable to have their own Thanksgiving meals. People put together boxes comprised of meals and brought them to the Huguenot Church the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, and the packages were then distributed to families in need across Westchester.

Tina Constable, the originator of the Thanksgiving in a Box program said, “I founded the program fourteen years ago as a part of Huguenot Church and continue to oversee it with a large group of volunteers from the entire Pelham community.”

Mr. Solazzo, teacher of the Foundations class at PMHS, got the school involved in the program for the second year by collecting donations from the many of the faculty departments and getting his own students involved as well.

Solazzo said, “It is a great way to get the students out and be part of the community, all while having a positive impact on others.”

This year, the goal was to collect 850 boxes town-wide. The program was a great success, exceeding the goal by collecting 940 boxes this year, a new record!