Pelham Students Celebrate Friendsgiving


Zoe Winburn

(l to r) Juniors Joei Paterra, Mia Baccei, Ali Milanese, and Anna Esteverena are thankful for one another’s friendship.

Asia Bertuccioli, Staff Reporter, Junior

The upcoming holidays give many people reasons to be around their family, friends and communities. Traditionally, families are known to travel long distances to see extended families across the country. However, even at a community level, people at PMHS have organized their own Thanksgiving with their friends, known as “Friendsgivings” to celebrate.

With many delicious dishes being cooked, there is nothing more exciting than eating and digging into one’s favorite meal. For junior Nate Bloom’s Friendsgiving, he had traditional Thanksgiving dishes that induced a little bit of nostalgia.

“My family’s sweet potato dish will forever be my favorite,” Bloom said.

However, not everybody mimics their classic Thanksgiving meal. Junior Zoe Winburn’s Friendsgiving feast took a twist.

“Instead of the classic meal, my friends and I decided to cook steak instead of turkey to have something different,” Winburn said.

It is without a doubt that Friendsgiving is not only another excuse to stuff yourself, but a way to spend time with those you are most grateful for if you won’t see them during the holidays.

“I’m most thankful for the love and support my friends constantly give me, I always look forward to seeing them every day at school,” Winburn said.

With the holiday spirit all around , students are glad to have shared the Thanksgiving experience with everyone around them.