Coach Fin Newest Member of Girls Basketball Family


Maeve Parmelee

Coach Fin instructs his players during practice.

Maeve Parmelee, News Editor, Senior

As the winter sports season kicks off, the girls varsity basketball team has welcomed a new member to their team. Mr. Finegan, a dedicated PMHS physical education teacher, joined Mr. Pitrulle in coaching the team this year as the Assistant Coach.

After having coached the boys varsity basketball team at PMHS for 21 years, Mr. Finegan decided to switch over to the girls side. When asked why, he said, “There was definitely a desire for new challenges. I’ve always loved coaching the boys, but moving on to a new challenge is always professionally fulfilling. And Pitrulle is one of my closest friends so that is a great allure to the position.”

Along with his big presence, Mr. Finegan also brings a new perspective to the team. In his new position of assistant coach, he said, “It’s nice to see things from a different point of view.” He also wants to foster a more positive relationship with the officials as well as integrate himself into the girls program.

When asked about how he thinks the season will go, Mr. Finegan said, “I am cautiously optimistic. I tend to predict on the low side, but the first days of practice have gone well and it’s a good group of eager young women who want to do well.”