Sports Playoff Update

Boys Basketball


Laruie Rebholz

Joel Hawthorne moves the ball up the court on offense.

Chris Hartigan, Sophomore, Associate Sports Editor

With a 6-10 record, the boys basketball team is looking forward to a strong second half of the season to propel their way into the playoffs. Playoffs begin on February 15, but the team needs to win a few more games to guarantee a spot.

The biggest win of the season was a home win against league rival, Eastchester. The Pelicans won by four and came back from a double-digit deficit to win. Junior James Rebholz had 17 points in that game and junior Carlo Volpe had 19 points, 15 rebounds, and 6 blocks. The team this season is very young and only has five seniors. Most of their starting lineup is made up of juniors and a few sophomores.

“The highlight of the season was definitely our game against Eastchester. The energy of the crowd helped us overcome the 11 point deficit. That game gave us a lot of motivation and we are trying to use that to help us get into the playoffs,” junior Stef Grammatica said.