Podcasts: Sit Back and Relax

Asia Bertuccioli, Junior, Steff Reporter

As more trends continue to pop up on the internet, many communities have been created. Over the past decade, YouTube has become a platform for video content creators and blogs keep arising for writers,and influencers to take advantage of the limited time our busy society has to sit down and read for pleasure. Instead, you can now see people wide and far with headphones in during their commute listening to their favorite podcasts on a range of topics. Podcasts have become increasingly available on apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

Podcasts are used by many as a means to listen and chill-out to, but there are some examples that provide a more educational outlook on life.

Plant Proof by Simon Hill is a podcast about wanting to make people more conscious of how they live, and how it affects the human population and the environment as the climate continues to change.

A physiotherapist, nutritionist, and soon to be author, Simon Hill took his passion and turned it into a podcast with over 80 episodes released. His main goal was to have a place where people could have easy access to information on how to lead a healthy life. With school assignments piling up, focusing on one’s health, both mental and physical, is the best remedy for students.

Averaging from 45 minutes to 2 hours, one can listen to these podcasts while getting ready in the morning or on their way to school, multitasking without really trying. These conversations range from lifestyle to nutrition, and how one can help the environment in the process. Each podcast is tailored to different types of people as public figures are featured on each one, ranging from athletes such as Catriona Bisset, an Australian national track record holder, to Seb Alex, an animal welfare advocate.

Though these podcasts are very well-received, they were a slight let down. Even with many colorful celebrity features, the stories were quite dull and boring. Besides the more adult tailored content, the concept is good and can be a great listen for anyone wishing for tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.