Class of ‘20 on Air at Senior Talent Show


Lucy Edmunds

Seniors Meredith Heller and Emma McNulty sing a spoof from High School Musical.

Lucy Edmunds, Junior, Photography Editor

The annual senior talent show is always a must-see at PMHS. From its hilarious skits mocking teachers to the superb instrumentals and voices of the graduating class, the show has a little something for everyone. The Class of 2020’s Senior Talent Show, The TV Guide: Senior Talent Show Edition, was held February 7 and 8 in the PMHS Auditorium. Tickets were sold both before and at the event to raise money for the grade’s prom this upcoming June.

This year Ms. Ren Strahcan directed the show, stepping up to the job just months before the production as Mr. Totillo, who has helmed the Talent Show for the last few years, was unavailable.

“One of my favorite traditions at PMHS is the Senior Talent Show. It’s the kind of activity which I would have loved to be a part of in my own school, so when I heard they needed a director this year, I thought I’d give it a shot,” said Strachan.

The process of drafting skits, making revisions, and rehearsals takes a great amount of time and enormous effort goes into producing the show. The class began drafting ideas for skits in December and January.

This year’s show was Ms. Strachan’s first time preparing and showing the annual event. For her, the best part of her directorial position was getting to see just how talented this year’s senior class is. It takes a lot of observation to create comic scenes that accurately parody the ups and downs of life here at Pelham.

“It’s eye opening to realize just how much the class of 2020 sees!” Strachan said.

The show consisted of numerous skits and performances laced throughout with the Principal Debate in which Nick Leiggi, Daniel and Stephen Tahbaz, Bernadette Russo, Rosie Spagnuolo, and Cameron Ubaldi played Mr. Rothstein, Mr. Moskowitz, Mr. Ferrari, Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Calvelli, and Mr. Magarelli, respectively, comically depicting the process of deciding who should be the next principal. Isabelle Anderson and Bernadette Russo performed a duet to Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, Maria Comerford sang and played Vienna by Billy Joel on piano, as well as dueting Angela by The Lumineers with Alexis Cornachio. Taylor Goche, Abby Ansorge, Jillian Pintauro, and Bridget Petti all performed free dance numbers, wowing the crowd.

For the seniors, working on the program offered a great bonding experience for the Class of 2020.

Even for students whose talents don’t encompass acting or singing, there were many opportunities to participate in the show. Seniors Isabelle Anderson and Matthew Reynolds collaborated to create the graphic design displayed on the class t-shirt, Morgan Sample was behind the art included in the show, Jack Finegan created a humorous video, and Isabelle Anderson and Peri Zale put together the slide-show that was used as the closing to the entire production. Traditionally, the Senior Talent Show also signals the senior class’ first chance to say goodbye.

Senior Matthew Reynolds said, “It was almost like the Olympics every single day. Our grade is very close.”

Lucy Edmunds
Senior Lance Brady imitates Mr. Beltecas in “King of the Science Wing.”