PMHS Says Goodbye to Dedicated Teachers & Administrative Staff at End of School Year

Mrs. Clark — A Principal with Principles


Principal Clark has announced her retirement after 15 years at PMHS.

Bernadette Russo, Senior, Editor-in-Chief

On December 18, Principal Jeannine Clark announced her retirement following the end of the school year after 16 years at the helm. Clark feels honored to have taken the school into the 21st century and is proud to have created strong bonds between the student body, their families, and the staff. A familiar presence throughout the building on any given day, many were unaware of her tireless efforts behind the scenes to make PMHS a well-rounded school.

Clark attended the University of Cincinnati and holds a Masters of Education and B.S. degree. She began her career as a special education teacher, and prior to coming to Pelham, Mrs. Clark served as assistant principal and interim principal of Clarkstown High School North.

With her retirement, Clark is looking forward to traveling with her husband, finally free of a schedule. After nearly two decades as an administrator at Pelham, Clark will be taking some time to relax.

Though Clark is taking leave, the thousands of students who have passed through Pelham’s doors won’t be far from her thoughts.

She said, “My hope for our students is that each be inspired to become a better person based on their experiences at PMHS.”

Whomever takes up the mantle as our next principal, Clark is sure it will be a person who has a vision for innovation that can help inspire the future generation of students. The success of Pelham has always been in the relationship between those who teach and those who seek to grow.

Clark  said, “One aspect of the school that’s so unique is the connection between students and teachers. I hope that the students continue to want to come to school to learn.”

With Mrs. Clark’s retirement, and the announcement that Assistant Principal Rothstein has also decided to move on, next year will bring an era of change.

“As far as future change I hope that our students continue to develop the traits of persistence and grit as well the courage to try something new.  These traits will serve them well in their future endeavors,” Clark said.

PMHS will forever be impacted by the impact Principal Clark had on the school, students, and faculty.