PMHS Says Goodbye to Dedicated Teachers & Administrative Staff at End of School Year

Mrs. Matus, GPS — Guidance, Personality and Security

Sofia Cedeño, Junior, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Matus, one of PMHS’ most well-respected school counselors, recently announced her retirement. After first joining the PMHS guidance staff in 2007, Mrs. Matus spent the past 13 years helping students achieve their academic goals and post-high school dreams, while also being a trusted adult whom students could share their personal issues and concerns. As a school counselor, Mrs. Matus has worked personally with countless students to assist them during the college process, help arrange school schedules, and answer various day-to-day questions. Now, as she prepares to move on, the experience is bittersweet.

Mrs. Matus said, “I am excited for new adventures, but sad about leaving students, families and colleagues. I am hoping to have a great garden and enjoy friends and family!”

Matus was pensive as she looked back on her tenure as a high school guidance counselor

“It’s a challenging but very rewarding job, and I am going to miss my students and colleagues,” Mrs. Matus said.

The feeling is mutual among the many students upon whose lives Mrs. Matus has had an impact.

Junior Clairileni Santiago said, “Mrs Matus has been extremely helpful and also considerate with me for my high school years. Her personality and the drive she gives you is something that can make you very fond and appreciative of her.”

Mrs. Matus has been a crucial part of our school’s community. Her legacy lies in her dedication to helping students achieve their goals while also being a an open and understanding adult that anyone can talk to. That can never be replaced.