Band Performs Mid-Winter Fundraiser

Kate Loughran, Sophomore, Managing Editor

On February 26, Mr. Van Bochove, band teacher for grades 6 through 12, led the bands in a night of choice music and fundraising as the middle and high school bands held a joint concert to raise money for upcoming field trips.

To start the night off, the middle school jazz band, along with the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade bands performed a number of unique songs.

“I loved how both the high school and middle school came together and shared their love for music” said sophomore Kate Dougherty. 

Next was the high school concert band, who performed “Pinball Wizard” by Peter Townshend, Arr. (arranged) by Patrick Roszell. Meanwhile, the high school jazz band played, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Jim Steinman, Arr. by Dallas C. Burke and “Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix, Arr. by Sean Nowell. 

A concert like this doesn’t just show of the wide repertoire of music the various bands are skilled at performing. It serves a vital purpose: to raise money for much needed supplies.

“It helps expand our music library in addition to providing funds for unexpected repairs or maintenance on instruments…” Mr. Van Bochove said.