Nancy’s Truck Comes Back To the Community


Asia Bertuc

Nancy’s truck, a familiar sight to the Pelham community, was in the midst of beinbg refurbished before the pandemic hit.

Asia Bertuccioli, Junior, Staff Reporter

The community of Pelham is a place of many traditions, one of the most visible being Nancy’s Ice Cream Truck, which has always been there for an ice cream after school or a soccer game. Nancy Romm’s business had a special place in the hearts of many students here at PMHS. Unfortunately, after many years of spreading joy at every Pelham event with ice cream, Nancy decided that it was time to move on and retire.

The Pelham Together Club saw the impact Nancy had in the community, and decided that the tradition couldn’t die out. Pelham resident Clay Bushong found the truck and decided to pitch it as an idea for a student involved business supervised by adults. Revitalizing the truck could be a way for the community to have something unique and traditional.  

With students from all grades chipping in and dedicating themselves to various efforts, the truck could run again. The mechanics are led by junior Elliot Brandler and the operations are led by junior Emma Colkin. In this role, Colkin oversees the events at which the truck should be scheduled to serve.

“I remember at the end of each year at CCD the truck would come and everyone would pick an ice cream. It was like a fun little party, she was everywhere where the town needed her…” junior Emma Colkin said.

Prior to the COVID-19 quarantine, the students had hoped to have the truck ready for business by mid-April, but those plans have, sadly been put on hold. However, once the quarantine lifts, new members will be welcome to join and help the process.

“I hope it will bring everyone together, Nancy managed to do it on her own so I’m hoping we have a sense of community now that we do it all together,” Colkin said. 

Nancy’s truck will continue to sell ice cream and hopefully down the line be able to offer more. With all permits completed, they hope to make their debut soon, and are determined to pass down the wonderful memories Nancy’s Ice Cream Truck has always brought Pelham residents.