In Loving Memory of Tom Imperato

Thomas Imperato (r) proudly bestows the diploma to son Sam Imperato in June 2018.

Courtesy of PUFSD

Thomas Imperato (r) proudly bestows the diploma to son Sam Imperato in June 2018.

Maeve Parmelee, Senior, News Editor

On the morning of April 9, former Board of Education member, Tom Imperato passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 73.

After moving to Pelham in 2000 with his family, Mr. Imperato became very involved in the community. During his time living in Pelham, he was a member of the Pelham Civics Association, and also served as a trustee on the Pelham Board of Education from 2013-2018, where he played a significant role in developing the 2018 school bond referendum. In these roles, Mr. Imperato was constantly working to make life better for the many families and students of Pelham. 

Not only did Mr. Imperato play a large role in the behind-the-scenes work for our community, he also never failed to support sports teams, music programs, extracurricular activities and academics. Even after his children, Olivia and Sam Imperato, graduated from PMHS in 2018, Mr. Imperato continued to support the school. He would always find his way to Glover to support the girls soccer team of which Olivia had been a part of.

Pelham alumnus Julianne Argento said, “Every single time I saw him I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Whenever we were having a tough time in soccer, whether it be a hard or a tough loss, he always made me want to be a better player and person.” 

Mr. Imperato was a familiar face to so many people in Pelham and will be greatly missed by the whole community.