Spring Fashion Takes Over the Halls of PMHS

Asia Bertuccioli, Junior, Staff Reporter

With NYFW having come to a close at the end of February, new styles have been introduced by top of the line designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. However, PMHS students have also been showing off new trends. Many girls have showcased their creativity through jewelry in layering necklaces or having bold statement pieces. 

Junior Patty Pfeiffer took her creativity and decided to style layered necklaces with different chainlinks creating a cool look. She said, “Well I used to see all these girls and boys on Instagram with them and I thought it was a cool look, so I bought a few and now I’m obsessed!”

Adding to the accessory trends of this spring, many have taken to dressing up their outfits with bold earrings. Junior Molly Terraciano always pairs a bold earring with her outfits. She said, “I love wearing lots of gold jewelry because it spices up any outfit! Whether it’s hoops or a cool flame, they complete a trendy and fashionable look.” 

Not only do accessories make up a perfect outfit but so do layered jackets and decorative jeans which have taken up a huge trend in the halls of PMHS.

Jackets with animal prints or asymmetrical patterns make a huge difference. Junior Irene Sanchez said, “Coming from Spain I’ve seen some new and different trends here in the US like wearing loose jeans with different colors on the side or prints,” Terraciano agrees with Sanchez, saying that printed jackets and pieces can make any outfit look put together.