Pel Mel Farewell – Bernadette Russo

Senior News Staff Share Their Memories & Say Goodbye


Bernadette Russo, Senior, Editor-in-Chief

When I think back on my time at PMHS, I will remember the bonds that I have created with teachers who went above and beyond to ensure that I was getting the most out of my education. The faculty here are people that genuinely care and want to see their students succeed. I have yet to hear of a school district that has teachers more compassionate and welcoming than those at Pelham, which goes to show just how special this town is. Whenever my day wasn’t going well, I knew I could count on Mr. Lindley to give me advice or ease my pain. When I was struggling with Calculus, I knew I could go to Mr. Stellabotte for a thorough explanation. When I did not do well on a Chemistry exam and needed support, I knew Mr. Luna would be there to give it. When I just wanted somewhere to hangout after school, I knew Mr. Schembari’s door would always be open, along with every other teachers’ classroom I have had the pleasure of sitting in. Going to school felt safe because I was in an environment that fostered guidance and learning for the sake of learning. 

A classroom that also sticks out as “home” to me was Mr. Beltecas’ blue room for students in the Science Research program. I went in there during the majority of my free periods throughout high school, whether I needed a quiet place to get work done, a high energy place to laugh with my friends, somewhere to eat my lunch, or a warm place to release my emotions. I am so grateful to have found a community where I feel that I belong, where I created friendships that will last beyond high school and memories that will never be forgotten. Thank you to all of the faculty and staff at PMHS that have shaped me as a student and as a person. My college professors will have some very large shoes to fill, that’s for sure!