Pel Mel Farewell – Madison Popovic

Senior News Staff Share Their Memories & Say Goodbye


Madison Popovic, Senior, Editorial Editor

My favorite memory of high school was when I wrote a letter to myself in health class. Ms. Lundy told each student to write a letter that would be mailed to them once they graduated. I remember writing the letter and thinking how much I would change in the coming years. I have yet to receive my letter, but I remember a main goal that I wrote: work hard in order to learn as much as possible.

My mom always told me to work hard. I apply this work ethic to everything I do and high school was not an exception. When I commenced my high school journey, I was worried it would be too difficult. At first, the workload appeared to be daunting. However, I was able to lean on my teachers during those difficult times as I would attend Academy period when necessary. Teachers helped me and extended their helping hands to allow me to understand the topic at hand. I learned that hard work is part of success, but helping hands play an important role as well.

The teachers at PMHS were also there in times of celebration. When I committed to college, I emailed all the teachers who wrote letters of recommendation for me. Each replied with words of encouragement and congratulations. Even during a pandemic, PMHS teachers were there to commemorate my success. They gave me their figurative hands throughout that entire process and I am forever grateful.

The hard work contributed by me and my teachers allowed me to use the lessons I learned at PMHS in other scenarios. I interned for the Plastic Surgery of Westchester for three summers. I witnessed how literal and figurative hands have the power to change the lives of many as I held the hands of patients before and after surgery. I saw patients cry. I saw them smile. I saw how doctors can heal them by holding their hands when needed. I learned how to learn as much as possible while interning. 

I can confidently state that the staff of PMHS made the goal of learning as much as possible feasible as I was able to ask for help when needed and was positively uplifted during times of great triumph. I was also able to take my time at PMHS and translate it into the workplace. I will never forget the sophomore who wrote a letter to her future self full of hope and aspirations. I will carry these memories for the rest of my life and will think back to them upon receiving my letter.