Pel Mel Farewell – Maeve Parmelee

Senior News Staff Share Their Memories & Say Goodbye


Maeve Parmelee, Senior, News Editor

In August of 2016 my family and I moved across the Atlantic Ocean for the second time. This time, after living in the suburbs of London, England for three years, we were repatriating to Westchester. Although I was moving just 5.6 miles from the house I grew up in, I felt like a stranger in the area I called home for 11 years. I spent the weeks leading up to my first day of high school spending time with my old friends and trying to avoid thinking about how I would not only have to make friends in my classes, but also make friends on the school soccer team that I would be trying out for. 

Pre-season was a lot to handle for me. I was the new girl with no friends who didn’t speak and I just tagged along behind all of the other freshmen. Don’t get me wrong, they were all very welcoming and friendly; they all just had friends already. As pre-season continued, I got more comfortable and became friends with some of the girls. They started inviting me to hang out with them in between double sessions and we would go to practices together. I was getting closer with the girls in my grade each day.

What I didn’t know during my first pre-season is that the soccer team would be my saving grace. On my first day of school at PMHS, thanks to the varsity soccer team, I was friendly with a few girls in my grade. I had people who I could talk to and, although it didn’t seem like it, I wasn’t completely alone. Eventually, we were all spending so much time together between practices and games and team dinners that I started to feel like I fit in with the girls on the team and I was able to call them friends.

Not only was the team a godsend freshman year, but it continued to be for the next three years. Being a member of the varsity soccer team for four years was one of the most memorable parts of high school for me. As a member of the team, I was pushed harder each year and I became the best version of myself as a player and a person. I accomplished more than I ever thought I would have on my first day of preseason freshman year. Not only did I achieve more than I expected to as a player, I also learned responsibility and leadership. Being a member of the girls varsity soccer team facilitated my transition into high school and helped me make amazing friends which I am forever grateful for.