Pel Mel Farewell – Maria Comerford

Senior News Staff Share Their Memories & Say Goodbye


Maria Comerford, Senior, News Editor

Although my senior year ended in a way I would have never imagined, Covid-19 did not define my high school experience at PMHS. When I look back over the past four years, I am so appreciative of the moments I have spent here and the memories I have made. Whether it be in class or on the field, I was always proud to represent Pelham. If there is one thing that makes PMHS so special, it’s how much care and love the teachers have for their students and that’s why I have enjoyed walking into the building and learning over the past four years. 

Another part of PMHS that makes it like no other is the Olympics. My most memorable moment at Pelham is undoubtedly winning the Olympics senior year. It was amazing to see the progress our class had made from “Famous Freshmen” to “Roaring 2020 Seniors.” Those who saw our performance freshman year would know how far our class has come. Staying late at the school to work on decorations and learning the dances at silly walk practices created a bond within the class that made us so much stronger. The feeling that all of the hard work paid off after four years is a feeling I will never forget, and getting to do it with my closest friends and classmates makes it that much more special. Playing in the handball and basketball games that day are also moments I will always remember. Getting to play two of my favorite sports with my fellow classmates in front of the whole school felt surreal. In 20 years, when I look back at my years of high school, the Olympics will definitely stick out as a special memory to me. As I move forward with my life, I thank Pelham for the opportunity to have grown up in such a special place.