Pel Mel Farewell – Sam Plunkett

Senior News Staff Share Their Memories & Say Goodbye


Sam Plunkett, Senior, Sports Editor

High school was definitely the best experience of my educational career. The primary reason for this was the people I learned from and who taught me. Now sure, my friends were great, but high school, especially my junior and senior year, really showed me how much of an impact a teacher can have on a student. I have taken a variety of classes here at PMHS including AP courses, honors classes, regents classes, and also regular classes. This has led to many different teachers with many different styles of teaching; all have helped me in some way to become a better student and a better person. 

As I went through high school, each year I tried to develop better relations with my teachers. I found that by doing all my work and showing that I cared about learning, in return, my teachers would give me suggestions on how to become a more successful student. My whole outlook on school changed and I became more confident.

If I could tell my freshman self something it would be, show your teachers you care and they will do their best to help you. PMHS offered the greatest plethora of teachers who cared, and made me a better student throughout my four years.