Friday Night Live – Teacher Talent Show Gets Students to Smile


Ms. Rice

Lila Caminiti, Junior, Clubs Editor

On Friday, June 12, PMHS students got to watch their favorite teachers showcase their special skills via the Teacher Talent Show, which was presented via a youtube link. The show was accompanied by humorous announcements from seniors Jack Finegan and Arthur O’Sullivan. Teachers sang, danced, and performed skits, all of which were pre-recorded before being combined into a youtube playlist that was sent out to the whole school. The program was composed by the Student Association with the help of advisor Ms. Rice.

Advisor Ms. Rice said, “The original plan was to organize a student battle of the bands/talent show. We have been talking about that since early April. Ultimately it was close to the end of May that during an SA meeting, the students asked if perhaps the teachers would want to put on a talent show. Honestly, I thought it would not take off, but you have some really amazing and generous teachers who immediately wanted to get involved and participate.”

Although the Talent Show certainly went well, the production end of things  presented an issue in getting the show ready for broadcast. Initially intended to be one long broadcast, this format proved to be too time-consuming to prepare, and the videos were instead presented as a playlist of clips. 

Ms. Rice said, “The tech aspect of it was more challenging than I think I or my students expected. The videos were only ready to go minutes before showtime. In the end, I think there is a benefit for the short videos as a playlist, because people can pick and choose which parts to watch, but we would not have known that without trial and error!”

Nevertheless, the show was an absolute success, filled with both laugh-out-loud skits and beautiful singing presentations. Some fan favorites were Mr. Ferreri’s breakdancing and Mr. Lindley’s comedy skits, some of which included multiple versions of himself sitting in one room. Ms. Gruber and Ms. Rice also performed beautifully, singing Frozen II’s “Into the Unknown” and The Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads” respectively. The Teacher Talent Show was a fantastic production that showcased Pelham’s teachers in an exciting and original way, and was a great way to bring the PMHS community together in a time of great separation. Those who missed the Talent Show can watch it here:

Here is a gallery of just some of the talent that was on display: