All’s Fair… Virtually

Clubs Win Heart


Caroline Michailoff, Co-Editorial Director, Junior

In the midst of everything going on this year, the high school has still found a way to run this year’s club fair. Normally, clubs would set up tables outside the school and introduce their clubs to their peers. The usually loud and animated environment of the fair with students gathering to learn more about clubs was unfortunately not possible this year. However, the club fair still occurred virtually. Clubs made short videos introducing themselves and a slide with all the necessary information provided, convincing others to join. The fair, held on September 17, from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., occurred through a presentation sent in an email to all students by Mrs. Rice, the organizer of the club fair. The presentation, consisting of all the clubs’ introductory videos, is still accessible to students.

This new format was made so there would be a system for students to be able to join clubs and know how to meet with them in the future. It isn’t as much about the fair, but more so about getting students, especially freshmen, involved and interested in the clubs PMHS has to offer. 

“I don’t think there’s anything better than seeing the student body celebrating clubs and activities all together on a beautiful September afternoon,” said Mrs. Rice, “However, I think in terms of organization and impact, the virtual model may be better.”

It was a big change for the students, especially the freshman who have never experienced what a regular club fair is like. 

Freshman Amy Dougherty liked the virtual format, “I can still get a feel for what each club represents and what you do in them,” said Dougherty, “The way the Google Slides was set up made it very easy for everyone to understand what happens in each club.”

Link to the Club Fair Power Point: