A Rocky Start

Freshman Navigate Their First Year of High School During the Pandemic

Gabby Ahitow, Managing Editor, Freshman

On Wednesday, September 9th, parents of Pelham students received emails regarding
large and unsafe parties held by high school students. Due to this, the district had to make the
last-minute change to start classes fully virtual on Thursday, September 11th. The district later
decided that elementary and middle school could start school via the hybrid method on Monday
the 14th, while the high school would begin to do so on Thursday the 19th. PMHS’s incoming
freshmen have started their high school journey unusually.

“At first, I was slightly upset that the actions of these party-goers would create more
uncertainty to the start of school,” said a freshman student, remaining anonymous, “I was
looking forward to attending school as opposed to full virtual”.

Aside from starting school virtually, the new freshmen also had to experience club fair
and orientation virtually. Sports have either been moved to another season or keep getting
postponed. These changes have forced new students to begin school without being able to get
to know the school or make new friends.

“Finding my classes wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” said freshman Tataiana

“I was kind of intimidated by how big the school looked from the outside but the people are
super nice and everyone helped me by giving me directions to all my classes.”

The freshman class seems to have transitioned smoothly into their new environment and
schedules. Though their start has been rocky, many are still looking forward to participating in
all the exciting high school events.