Summer Working, Some Are Not

Students Find Summer Work Despite Restrictions

Zach Long, Junior, Managing Editor

During the summer, many high school students try to find jobs at local businesses and camps. However, this 2020 summer was quite unusual, as the highly infectious Covid-19 virus caused many camps and other summer job opportunities to be closed down or delayed. With Covid-19 in Westchester, it could be seen as a risk to work during this time, a risk that some students may not be willing to take. Were the students of PMHS able to adapt to Covid-19 and find job opportunities, or did the students fail to find a place to work?

Many of the PMHS students try to work at camps over the summer. Tiny Tots is one Pelham camp that employs many students of PMHS during the summer. However, this year the camp was canceled due to Covid-19. Staff members of the camp were notified of the cancellation back in April, leaving students just a few months to find a job before the summer starts. The cancellation increased the number of students looking for work in Pelham. 

  Some students working at Tiny Tots were not able to find a job. “Unfortunately, I received the news of the cancellation in April, not giving me enough time to line anything up, and making it very difficult to find work,” Junior Dean Shannon said. Dean was one of the many who lost out on their summer jobs. However, there was a solution.

In early June, Clayton Bushong, co-owner of Cantina Lobos, bought the Double Rainbow ice cream store. This was great news for the PMHS students who were otherwise without work. Bushong hired many students for his new ice cream shop, while also helping others find work at other local restaurants. 

Junior Jackson Shampanier-Bowen was one of the camp counselors who lost their job due to Tiny Tots’ cancellation. “I found out that Clay Bushong was hiring, and I contacted him. He told me that I was ineligible for that job, but pointed me in the direction of GoGreek, where I ended up getting the job,” Jackson said.

Even though Clayton Bushong and others helped students find work, there were still many of them without it. PMHS students had their jobs taken away from them because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and only time can tell when Covid-19 will no longer be an issue for Pelham students looking for work.