New Chemistry Teacher Brings Just the Right Formula to Science Dept

Mr. Marchese Comes Aboard after Dr. Callahan Fills In Temporarily

Mr. Marchese Prepares For An Upcoming Hybrid Year

Photo by Sofia Cedeno

Mr. Marchese Prepares For An Upcoming Hybrid Year

AJ Vermes, Senior, Staff Reporter

In the last two years at PMHS,  there have been many changes in the science department, most especially the chemistry department. The department is now moving on to its third chemistry teacher within the span of two years. Dr. Callahan, head of the math and science department for the district, is currently filling in as a chemistry teacher. Dr. Callahan has been involved with the science department for many years now and has not only twenty years of teaching experience behind him, but has also been the head of the math and science department for six years.

Dr. Callahan said, “This is a good opportunity to share my passion for science with everybody.” He was chosen because the school wanted a solid start to the school year with no curveballs or a constant change of substitutes. Dr. Callahan is very pleased to be able to have this opportunity, saying, “I’d like to thank the students and parents with their patience as we work to find the best solution possible,”.

Dr. Callahan’s time as a semi-substitute teacher came to an end on October 1 when Pelham found its new teacher, Mr. Marchese. Mr. Marchese is currently in his first year of being a full-time teacher, as last year he began his journey as a substitute teacher for a year, and by the end of the year joined the Sleepy Hollow Middle School staff as a student teacher.

Marchese expressed how excited he was to come to Pelham — even in the relatively new environment of a hybrid model of teaching in his first year as a full-time teacher.

Mr. Marchese said, “I was fortunate to have come from another school that utilized the same hybrid model and the same technology that Pelham is using, so I was getting used to the setup, though it is still kind of weird.”

Mr. Marchese is excited to work with the students of Pelham and is excited to face the new challenges that await him in his first full year of teaching.