Senior Haunted Trail Replaces Haunted House


Angelic Menzel, Staff Reporter, Junior

At Pelham Memorial High School, The Haunted House is something that the seniors always look forward to, and is seen as a yearly tradition. Students always look forward to preparing for another fun event for the community to enjoy. This year, many students, especially the seniors, were worried about the Haunted House being canceled due to COVID-19. For a while, it was made uncertain if seniors would have the opportunity to hold this year’s Haunted House. In order to be Covid safe, this year the seniors will hold a modified, “Haunted Trail”, of course with a few changes to ensure the safety of Pelham’s students and staff. Due to weather issues, the haunted trail, which was scheduled for Thursday, October 29th, will be postponed for Monday, October 2nd. 

Many who are thinking of attending worry if it’s a good idea to go due to the pandemic. Mrs. Satallante, the advisor of the class of 2021, answered a few questions regarding the safety precautions that will be put into place in this year’s Haunted Trail. “ Senior tour guides will be placed in every group of 10 students, and they will hold a rope that will be marked off every 6 feet so students know where to stand,” said Mrs. Satallante. Students will be able to practice social distancing while attending the trail while also wearing masks. She also expressed her thoughts about how it may be even safer than going to school because it is taking place outside. “There will be guidelines as to where performers and students should stand that way people are able to maintain a distance, and hand sanitizer, as well as extra masks, will be provided,” said Satallante. She would also like students and families thinking of attending the Haunted trail to only do what they feel comfortable with and know that they should not feel pressured to attend. Many days and hours have been dedicated to planning this event in order for it to be as safe as possible for those attending.   

Ms. Antonelli was also able to provide information regarding the Haunted Trail. She explained how things will run during the trail to help run things smoothly. “Our guides will work in partner pairs of two seniors from the same cohort with cohort A volunteers working from 4:45 to 6:30 and cohort B volunteers working from 6:15 to 8:00. Performers will work the entire event but will be assigned spaces according to cohort. A maximum of six seniors from the same cohort may collaborate to design a 10 ft. x 10 ft. space along the haunted trail.” Antonelli said.

With the number of precautions taking place and safety measures being added, many students feel safe and are happy to attend, while others feel that it may not be worth going this year due to so many changes and regulations. A senior who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I think it’s not really the best way to do this. I think it may not be worth going due to the fact that everything is being made a lot more complicated, and there is still a chance of virus spread”. 

We will never be 100% safe or have the ability to not be in a place free of possible virus contamination. The school’s staff and students are still pushing forward in order to at least minimize the spread as much as possible by placing new rules and by taking as many precautions as possible for people to stay safe and have fun at the same time.