Climate Smart Community to Hold Environmental Photo Contest

Nevan Malwana, Senior, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Time and again Pelham students have been advocates for environmental change. Even in the midst of one of the most turbulent years in modern history, students have not been dissuaded from raising awareness for environmental issues. Adapting to conditions put forth by COVID-19, students have been working with Pelham’s Climate Smart Community Task Force to organize a photo contest in order to raise consciousness of climate change. Currently underway, this contest will run until November 23, and is open to Pelham students of any age.

In order to enter the contest, students can do the following:

  • Post a picture to Instagram in which they are doing something nature-related, or of an environmentally friendly activity along
  • Add the hashtag #cscphotosynthesis
  • Tag @climatesmartpelham.

The winner of the contest will receive a tote bag full of goodies, all of which are reusable and sustainable, of course,.

“I see the contest going [one of] two ways: it could show the harmful effects of climate change and inspire people to be more sustainable and call for action, or it can show the beauty of nature and inspire people to take steps to preserve it,” senior Nadine Leesang said.

Pelham’s chapter of the Climate Smart Communities Task Force, a statewide initiative created under Governor Andrew Cuomo, will be working on many projects all year, all looking to try and make Pelham more environmentally friendly. The task force works hand in hand with Pelham’s Sustainability Advisory Board to involve Pelham residents. If interested in joining, students can reach out to Nadine Leesang, or click here to learn more about the program: