Teachers Dress-Up for Halloween

Angelic Menzel, Junior, Staff Reporter

Each year, PMHS departments and staff members participate in a Halloween costume contest. Each department comes up with their own themes and competes to see which department’s costumes came out best. This year the main office’s theme was school spirit. The Social Studies Department put together a game show idea for their costumes. The Science Department had each person dress as individual collector items. The Special Education department dressed up as quarantine needs such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox, dividers, tissues, and more. The Math Department’s theme was crunching numbers on the farm. The Art and Music Department were statues. Lastly, the English department had its theme of working from home. For this theme, department members showed up half-dressed ready for work and the other half in pajamas.

The winners were announced by Ms. Rice after the contest, ”The Art Department came in first, the Science Department came in second, and Social Studies came in third,” Ms. Rice said. This year’s victory went to the art department, with their statue themed costumes. “The idea came from street performers dressed as “living statues,” said Mr. Doyle. The Art Department made sure to find a creative idea to make them this year’s winner of the Halloween costume contest. Below is the link to the pictures of all of the departments’ costumes.