Animal Welfare Club’s Virtual Cutest Pet Competition

And the Winners Are….


Matt Michailoff, Reporter, Freshman

Throughout the pandemic, many PMHS clubs have held virtual events, fundraisers, and competitions. It has not been easy to hold club meetings, let alone plan events. Despite all this, the Animal Welfare Club worked hard to create a virtual Cutest Pet Competition.

This competition was open to all students and faculty with a pet that they wanted to show off. The only requirement for people to enter was to send in the cutest picture of their pet to pmhs_awc on instagram or email [email protected] with the photo by November 17.

There were four categories of pets: dogs, cats, reptiles and amphibians, and small pets including guinea pigs and rabbits. There may even be a prize for the winner of each category.

“I’m amazed at how many submissions we have received, but mostly I can’t believe that the club members are so engaged and passionate about the club,” co-president of AWC, Jasmine Zaman, a  senior, stated.

The club  received an overwhelming amount of submissions from all different categories.

“I love meeting people’s pets, and I thought it would be really fun for students to get to show off their pets to the rest of the school! I think it will be a success; we already have almost fifty submissions. I hope this can be an annual competition,” junior Jordan Schwarz, one of the social media coordinators for the club says. Jordan played a key role in organizing the contest.

Students voted on the winners using a Google Form that was sent to their school email account. Results for this tail were announced on November 24, and unlike certain other elections where they needed to take a paws in the ballot counting, here are the results: