Midnight Run Club to hold Fundraiser

Caroline Michailoff, Editorial Director, Junior

This upcoming Tuesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 19, the student-run Midnight Run Club will be conducting a fundraiser. The club is setting up a table outside the auditorium to collect cash donations as well as cans students and faculty members bring in. Depending on how much the club raises, the funds will either be donated directly to the Midnight Run organization or used to purchase cans, clothing and toiletries in bulk. Students each period are going to sit at a table collecting both cans and money for the club.

According to their website, Midnight Run is a volunteer organization that has been  “dedicated to finding common ground between the housed and the homeless” since 1984. Volunteers from churches, synagogues, schools and other civic groups distribute food, clothing, blankets and personal care items to the homeless poor on the streets of New York City” on late night missions.

Junior Risa Schloyer, a Midnight Run club president along with juniors Grace Condon and Abby Douglass, run the group with advisor Mrs. Lundy, and the club members came up with the idea to run this drive.

”This is important obviously gaining access to necessities when homeless is extremely difficult but during the pandemic in particular, it has become increasingly more difficult for the homeless population in New York,” Schloyer said. “Since we are in a privileged position, we should be doing all we can to give back to those who are not.”

Anyone interested in joining the Midnight Run Club and helping run this event and future events can do so by using the classroom code m6qnj6i, or reaching out to Mrs. Lundy, Grace Condon, Risa Schloyer, or Abby Douglass via email or groupme.