Pelham Community Comes Together to Support Essential Workers


Angelic Menzel, Staff Reporter, Junior

This year, many people did not expect things to go downhill so quickly, caused by the impact of COVID-19. However, even though millions have been affected by this virus, many have stepped up and taken the initiative to help those who have been affected most. Our students and clubs, in particular, have taken it upon themselves to help the community in a number of ways through these difficult times.

Sophomore Katie Brandler, president of the Do Something Club, has participated in many projects to help the community. She was able to help those who were not given very much attention during the pandemic.

“I baked cookies for a local food pantry weekly, and got involved in a program that arranged zoom calls with developmentally disabled individuals, who during the pandemic were not able to receive much interaction,” said Brandler.

For the past year, Katie has also been a part of the Pelicones ice cream truck, a Pelham Together program run by the students.

Although our truck was not intended to be launched during the COVID pandemic, it ended up bringing joy and tradition to the community, and providing children and community members with a safe way to celebrate birthdays and other special events,” Brandler said when asked about how she helped the community during the outbreak. 

Katie was also part of the Pelicones operations committee and helped launch the truck into action. She was able to lighten up people’s day by bringing ice cream and smiles in a safe, socially distant way.   

“In the early shutdown of the last school year, the Women’s Empowerment Club sent thank you notes and letters of appreciation to hospital workers, people who supplied necessary services in the community as essential workers, and first responders (including police and fire),” said Mrs.Wasnetsky.  

The Women’s Empowerment Club made sure that those who were hospital workers, first responders, received letters of gratitude. 

Pelham Memorial High School students will always continue to make a difference in their community in whatever way they can. In difficult times like these, students recognize that even small acts of support can go a long way.