Pelham Together Gives Community a Way to Show Teachers Appreciation


Courtesy Pelham Together

Ava Paolucci, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Pelham Together has set up an event to brighten the lives of faculty in the town’s schools.

Students and parents of the Pelham community have been asked to create letters thanking school faculty.  Those interested are encouraged to make their own design or use the template provided on Pelham Together’s Instagram page.  There is also a live tutorial provided on the page’s story.

Each of the six Pelham schools has a different drop off location for the finished letters.  Notes of gratitude to the staff of PMHS should be brought to 15 Chestnut Avenue.  The hope is to receive all cards by November 20 so they can be delivered the week before Thanksgiving.  

There is also a chance to win a Double Rainbow Gift Card.  Contributors who write five cards and send pictures via email to [email protected] will automatically be entered into the raffle.  After pictures are sent be sure to bring the physical works to the designated drop-off location.

It has been a very strenuous time for everyone.  The school faculties have done the best they can to be there for students, this is a great way to thank them.