Mr. Quackenbush is New Addition to Math Dept.

Lila Caminiti, Senior, Features Editor

This fall, the Pelham School District is welcoming Mr. Amit Quackenbush to the Math Department. Mr. Quackenbush brings with him three years of teaching experience at a Chicago, IL school district, in which he taught a medically-focused curriculum. Although it is only the start of the year, Mr. Quackenbush is already sensing the Pelican Pride that makes Pelham such a special place.

“The biggest difference between my position in Chicago and the one I have in Pelham is the school culture. Teachers are more collaborative here, and that helps to create a better learning experience for all students,” Mr. Quackenbush stated. He added that the eager-to-learn students of PMS and PMHS have made for a smooth transition.

Quackenbush will be split between the middle and high schools, teaching grades ranging from seventh to ninth grade. In the high school, he will only be teaching Algebra IA (a 9th-grade course). However, he teaches many more classes in the middle school, including Math 7 Accelerated, Math 8 Support, Math AIS 8, and Math 7 Support.

Outside of school, Mr. Quackenbush is a devoted sports fan.“In a regular year, I would be one of the biggest supporters of sports teams and an attendee to any school-sponsored event,” Mr. Q said.  

In fact, Mr. Q is most excited about the building of new relationships with his middle and high school students in the coming year. Although this year may look a little unusual, Quackenbush looks forward to forming meaningful relationships with his students in the coming months.