Winter Sports Postponed to January 4


Asia Bertuccioli, Co-Sports editor, Senior

Many students-athletes at PMHS rely heavily on their sport seasons to assist their recruiting process or to simply provide an outside of school outlet. However, due to the COVID -19 pandemic many sports seasons have been limited or further postponed to later dates, this is the case for all winter sports. At first they were postponed to November 30, but due to the sudden Coronavirus  surges across the state, the NYSPHSAA has decided to further postpone the winter season to January 4. 

Although both the boys and girls basketball seasons have been postponed, they have been holding open gyms for them to stay in shape. Senior Nell Plunkett, a guard on the Girls Varsity Basketball team, described her opinion about the decision, “ It’s definitely disappointing that we can’t get the full season that we used to, but we understand why we can’t play yet. We have open gyms and we can play a bit with each other, so were all just hoping we get to have some sort of season.”

As the football season got postponed in the fall, the Cheer team lost their first season and now has their competitive season postponed as well:

“I think it’s disappointing that we’ve had the past few seasons delayed until further evaluation of the circumstances. However, what’s most important is the health and safety of everyone, so I completely understand why these measures have to be taken” stated junior Claire Aumer, a member of the girls varsity Cheerleading team. 

Following an impressive season last winter, senior captain Jack Dougherty, a player on the boys varsity Hockey team said, “Everyone on the team is obviously discouraged with the recent postponement of the season but we’re hopeful of having some remanence of a season. Though we would like to play and continue with a season how we normally would, we must recognize that these are not normal times and we have to be cognizant of that.  Everyone on this team has a tremendous love for the sport but we are students first and have to remember to make safe and smart decisions to keep ourselves and those around us safe.”

As a fairly new team at PMHS, junior Greta Fear, a defensive player on the varsity girls Hockey team was a little disappointed with the turn of events.

“I’m not surprised our season is postponed, seeing as cases are on the rise and the team includes girls from all over Westchester,” Fear said. “This is supposed to be our first season as a real varsity team so of course I’m sad the opportunity could be lost, but it’s most likely for the better.”  

Coming off from an impressive sectional championship win last season, the varsity boys Swim team’s Coach Chris Driwinga said “We are in a challenging time in the world and in sport. While I would like to be in the middle of the boys season at this point, it’s important to take things slow and make smart choices.” 

Winter track also had a winning season last year, and the postponement in the season due to the sudden case surges has been tough.

Senior Haley Wall said, “ It’s a bummer the season got delayed but if that’s what it takes for people to stay safe and for us to have a season then that’s what has to happen.” 

With PMHS shifting to virtual learning for a period of time, sports teams are also on pause but players are keeping a positive attitude in regards to the future.