Habitat 4 Humanity Club Builds Home in Scarsdale

Habitat 4 Humanity Club Builds Home in Scarsdale

Gabby Ahitow, Co-Managing Editor, Freshman

The Habitat for Humanity Club came together on December 6 from 12 pm-3 pm to help build a home in Scarsdale, NY. This was the club’s first build in a couple of years. Last year’s events were all held at the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore Center in New Rochelle, where students helped to sort and organize supplies. 

Habitat for Humanity (H4H) is a global nonprofit that helps build decent and affordable housing for families. Habitat for Humanity works with volunteers, such as those from PMHS and local neighborhoods, to build houses and they pay for its mortgage. 

“The builds vary. Sometimes students are helping organize and sort supplies at the ReStore in New Rochelle, other times they are helping build or renovate a house. Over the years students have installed insulation, laminate flooring, painted walls, and lots and lots of demolition!” Megan Rice,  club supervisor and teacher, said. 

Due to COVID-19, the club’s new presidents, juniors, Rowan Proffitt and Georgia Russello, faced some difficulty in organizing with the build coordinators and figuring out what day the club could come in. Everyone was required to wear masks and the construction/demolition took place in a wide, open area. 

“Being part of the H4H club is a great way to get involved in our local community. These builds are chances for people to take charge and have an impact close to home, even if it’s only for a few hours once a month,” junior Georgia Russello, H4H club president, said. 

The club plans to do another build in early January depending on COVID-19 and weather conditions. If the weather gets in the way they will return to helping out at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore Center.