Blessed or Just Stressed?

Senior Stress and How to Cope!

Lila Caminiti, Features Editor, Senior

As the end of 2020 approaches, a cloud of excitement and anxiety hangs over the class of 2021 as they anxiously wait to hear back from their Early Decision and Early Action schools. Most seniors who applied Early Decision hear back from admissions in mid-December, while Early Action will mostly hear back after January 1st (some of these schools may announce earlier). In a year that is already shrouded in general anxiety and fear regarding the future, many seniors are feeling more nervous than ever as they await these major decisions.

“I’m glad that I decided to apply ED somewhere and am hearing back early,” senior Elise McCarthy said , “I am a little nervous, but mostly excited to see where I end up going.” 

Elise’s sentiment is shared by many in the senior class, as most 12th graders are excited to see how everything turns out, but nervous about getting their results back. For the many seniors that are dealing with anxiety and stress right now, you are not alone. In fact, Mr. Barcelo has a few techniques that may help ease the pressure as you wait.

“[Seniors should] tap into the things they love doing (e.g., hiking, rowing, dancing, reading, writing, running, playing video games or watching movies). They should try to find a way to pour the anxiety that they may be feeling into something that deepens their awareness of the things that mean the most to them. That could also mean connecting with loved ones such as family members or friends who can serve as a friendly ear or sympathetic shoulder during this time of waiting,” Mr. Barcelo advised.

Although this may be a stressful time for seniors, it is important to remember that what matters most is that students are happy and healthy. If you are feeling particularly anxious or stressed, remember that you can always reach out to a guidance counselor for help.