Cross Country Season Recap

Despite A Different Season, Both Teams Had Ended on a High Point

AJ Vermes, Staff Reporter, Senior

This past fall sports season has seen an aberration from normalcy for every sports program. One being the boys and girls Cross Country teams. From the start of their season to the finish, they had to deal with many hardships along the way. Running as it is can be very exhausting; it takes a lot of stamina and hardwork. Due to Covid-19, the team faced even more challenges. Having to run with masks seemed to be a strange adjustment for many on the team. However, the team still managed to fight through the adversity and continue to compete to the best of their abilities. 

Coming into the season, the teams schedule was mostly filled with small dual or tri meets with teams close by. Thankfully however they were able to compete multiple times in small invitationals held at Milton Park. These meets were able to give the runners the same ‘big meet feel’, while being small enough to keep everyone safe. The high points of the season were when the girls team won the league championship, and the boys team finishing second. At the next meet both the boys and the girls teams were moved up a class and had to face harder competition. This however, did not impact either team as the girls finished 2nd in the county, while the boys finished third. These finishes were thanks to the great performances of 8th grader Jamie Moskowitz and sophomore Emma Van Pragh for the girls, as well as juniors Stephen Liaskos and Ben Levine for the boys. 

Senior Captain Ben Hintz observed, “Our season overall was very different than usual. We missed some of our favorite meets like Bear Mountain, Croton Park, and Bowdoin Park. The pandemic was difficult to deal with because of masks and social distancing but I’m very proud how the team overcame adversity and did their best each and every practice and meet.” 

Girls Senior Captain Haley Wall added, “This season we were able to exceed all expectations and have an excellent season. This year really showed how good our team was and it will get better for years to come.”