The Pel Mel Staff Suggests Ways to Stay Motivated During Winter School

Zach Long, Managing Editor, Junior

With the new year officially here and Covid-19 cases still on the rise, the potential of another quarantine is becoming increasingly possible. There has been recent news about a new strain of the virus in the UK, causing many to fear another outbreak. There have also been more and more transitions to virtual learning, lessening time spent in the classroom. Virtual learning can make students very distracted from their schoolwork, and with the changing of seasons motivation is expected to lower even further. How will our students stay motivated? Here are some tips from The Pel Mel staff.

Zach (Managing Editor): Make sure to stay in shape! Go on runs, walks, or bike rides: anything that keeps your fitness in check. With fewer gym classes in school, students shouldn’t forget that physical education is still necessary for their well being. 

Jack (Editorial Director): Try changing location when you do your classes because a change in scenery can keep you more attentive and focused.

Kate (News Editor): Stay motivated by keeping the room where you do online school clean, structuring the day well, and getting outside at least once a day to get some fresh air.

Caroline (Editorial Editor): Take regular study breaks and listen to relaxing music as you study.

Chris (Sports Editor): To stay motivated during the winter, try to budget your time so you’re not as stressed with work and give yourself time to relax.

Gabby (Managing Editor): Do your school work by a window, especially on a sunny day. Try doing your work at a table or desk rather than your bed.

Hopefully these tips will be able to keep you motivated with the ever-present virtual learning, and also help you out in the New Year. If you’ve noticed yourself a bit more distracted from school and less motivated, give these tips a try.