OP-ED: Enough is Enough: Why President Trump Should be Impeached

ABC News

President Trump speaks to his supporters at his “March to Save America” rally.

Hannah Steinberg, Staff Reporter, Freshman

In the past week, the media has been bustling with talk of impeaching the 45th president as well as implementing the 25th amendment of the Constitution. All know of the sickening and unpatriotic events that took place at the capital recently. Not only was Trump not putting a stop to the unconscionable actions of thousands, but he was also encouraging it. This is absolutely appalling and in no way is how a president should lead nor act. A mob with this level of destruction and violence has not occurred in over two centuries. This proves how unfit Trump is to rule and the destruction that his presidency brings to this country. Even if the House of Representatives fails to impeach this miscreant, under no circumstances should he remain in office. Seeing the destruction and division that has landed upon our country in no more than one day, causes one to see how terrifying it is to think he could remain in office for two more weeks. 

Some may think it does not make a difference whether or not he gets impeached, but the way I see it Trump being president leaves the citizens of this country in constant fear of disaster and susceptible to violations of human rights such as equality and freedoms each American individual has. Every minute he is in office is a threat to the American population, especially those of the LGBTQ+ community, POC, immigrants, and Jews. He is a ticking time bomb who is a direct threat to the nation. It is disheartening to think that Trump, the president of our country, and seemingly a majority of his supporters are advocates for antisemitism, racial injustice, homophobia, transphobia, ICE, and sexism. Right now the nation is grappling to figure out what we will decide to stand for, but who knows how much longer we will be able to live with a positive facade and represent America, while we live in a ruinous environment with an unqualified ruler. 

Trump’s rioters are too blind and incompetent to recognize how wrong, violent, and unnecessary their riots were, but I among others are thankful that Nancy Pelosi has decided to fight for justice and to free our country from this man. Avoiding further division in the country as well as unnecessary violence and disaster is reason alone is enough to want Trump out, but in addition to saving this country and rightfully ruining his reputation, hopefully, impeachment will lead him to face many more deserved consequences as well. It is safe to say that around the world people will be holding their breath, and hoping for the removal one way or another of Trump. Worst comes to worst, we will all be praying that the country is safe from any more destruction, injustice, or bigotry in the next two weeks. So much can go wrong, it is honestly painful to think about it. One of the main benefits of Trump being forced to leave the office early is that he will be unable to run again in 2024, or ever again hold public office. The idea and possible threat of Trump being on the political radar once again is quite terrifying. By now the world knows that Trump and his cult of supporters will not rest until they have done everything to get their sickening, damaging way. All that is left is to renew faith in the trusted democracy and legislature of the United States. 

Though Trump being forced to resign from office is in the best interest of the country, hope is on the way with new beginnings starting with Biden’s presidency. The major takeaway from this piece is that this is not just a political conflict. Human rights, as well as the integrity of the government and all that makes America the welcoming, accepting, country the world has known, is at risk of being lost. “We the people” need to remain hopeful that our beloved democracy and government will come together to restore the glory of our country.