Interact Club Inaugurates its First Members

Prashaan Malwana, Staff Reporter, Freshman

On January 21, the Interact Club held its first-ever inauguration at PMHS, via Google Meet. During the 45 minute session, members were officially initiated into the club, accompanied by a presentation outlining the past and future community service event  by club President Jamie Burke, and Vice President Nevan Malwana, both seniors. There were also appearances from Rotarian officers and governors, including the Interact President Hugh Maynard-Reid, as well as guests principal Berkowitz and district superintendent Dr. Champ. The inauguration signified the first generation of Interact members in Pelham. 

The start of the Interact meeting was symbolically indicated by the ringing of the official Interact Bell, followed by a few words from Rotarians, and the eventual inaugurating of members. Students were called in alphabetical order by the club president and vice president in an alternating fashion. Because of the virtual setting, members had to stand up in view of their cameras, and turn their mic, certificate in hand, to acknowledge their induction. Afterward, a short presentation was held, and a speech was given by Jamie Burke. 

New to PMHS, the Interact club specializes in community and international service, with events centered around volunteering, each warranting community service hours. With global projects on the horizon, including fundraising and drives for the benefit of schools in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, Interact proves to be a promising and compelling new club.