PMHS Introduces Hybrid Olympics


Asia Bertuccioli, Co-Sports Editor, Senior

Pelham High School  holds many memorable events for students across the grades. From Pep Rally to Senior Talent Show and more, many agree that the Olympics is the best one of them all. A tradition known uniquely to Pelham, classes come together to compete in sports and games to see who will win the “Olympic” trophy that year. While, the Olympics that most of us have come to know and love can’t happen due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizers at the school are working to make sure that a modified version of the event, following COVID-19, regulations will be held on March 16 and 17. 

Originally, each grade is given a corner of the blue gym to decorate and events were held throughout the gyms and classrooms where students could go watch. Now, the Olympics will be held on two separate days so that both Cohort A and B can participate and events will be held in person and virtually so that those at home can also cheer on their classmates. Additionally, the halls will be decorated near these classrooms to each grade’s theme.

Ms. Rice has diligently led a group of volunteers have been the organizers in creating safe but fun modifications to the event.

Rice said, “We have discussed the Olympics since last year, and have had to think of a variety of options. Earlier this year, the SA sent a survey out to students to hear their input for the Olympics, and asked for volunteers to attend a planning meeting. With their suggestions along with the practical limitations given state regulations we developed the proposed solution. All of that work was written as a proposal to Mr. Berkowitz, who sent it to Dr. Champ for final approval. The plan is still a work-in-progress. We still have to figure out a lot of logistics and anticipate challenges before they occur. Some of the challenges we had to face was balancing in-person and all virtual students, how to prevent crowds from gathering, and where students could eat lunch, when, and how.”

Although students all across grades are saddened that a “typical” Olympics won’t be happening this year, many have realized that it’s for the best. 

Freshman Mia Orlando says, “As a freshman I have always looked forward to participating in Olympics. I’m happy that we get to experience a version of it, even with everything going on.” 

Sophomore Christina Jaimes said, “I think the Olympics being changed is a good thing. Sometimes adapting to new circumstances takes effort and time, but it’s worth it. The school Olympics is something that brings all the grades together and creates joy. Now that times are difficult regarding COVID, maybe fitting a modified version of the Olympics into everyone’s schedule, no matter what it takes, will bring joy into this school year.” 

Junior Rowan Proffitt said, “I was saddened to see that I wouldn’t be able to spend my junior year Olympics with all my friend, but during this pandemic we’re always adjusting to new plans”. 

Senior SA member Nate Bloom says, “Although the Olympics are going to look different this year we need to make it the best that we can. I look forward to the possibility of having the can drive as usual because of the economic situation our country is facing right now. People in our own community are food insecure, and this is a huge way Pelham can give back and make a difference in the county. “

As the plan for how the Olympics is slowly coming together, many things are still to be determined but what many can start to plan is the can drive as a way to give back to the community. As of now March 16 and 17 are the dates set for cohort A and B, respectively.