Junior Eli Peloquin Chosen for Connecticut Art Exhibition

Matt Michailoff, Staff Reporter, Freshman

The photography work of junior Eli Peloquin was selected for the Hindsight is 2020 Student Art Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Westport, Connecticut for his photo entitled Temporarily Here. The exhibition features nearly 200 pieces of art by students from New York and Connecticut.

The exhibition includes work exemplifying a varied display of what adolescents have encountered during the pandemic. Paintings, digital art, drawings, sculptures, photography, and more styles of art are featured in this showcase. $500, $300, and $100 cash prizes will be presented to the first, second, and third place winners of the exhibition respectively.

His photo, Temporarily Here illustrates a young man standing in the street lights of a snowy street. The photo was taken with the camera of an iPhone 10.

When asked about his inspiration for this piece Peloquin said that, “it was more of an ‘observational’ decision. At the time of taking it, I wasn’t my best self, so I feel that I could almost be a window into it.”

Peloquin shares that it is, “Truly up to the observer to see and feel the picture.”

The art has been displayed since January 23 and will continue to run through March 13.

Reservations to see the exhibition and more information can be seen here: https://mocawestport.org/exhibition/hindsight-is-2020/, admission costs to be paid upon entry.