Nothing Stops Science Research!


Gabby Ahitow, Managing Editor, Freshman

With COVID-19 changing the way teachers teach, they have had to get creative in the classroom. Mr. Beltecas, Science Research teacher, has been able to use alumni and new science programs to help teach his students. Science Research is an elective course taken by high schoolers where they learn how to research scientific topics they are passionate about.

“Luckily we have not missed a beat. In fact, I would say this has given us an opportunity to be more focused on some aspects of our program, such as writing research papers and dissecting scientific journal articles,” Beltecas said.

Beltecas has been able to virtually bring in guest speakers, such as engineers. He has even teamed up with alumni Kiera Mallinson and the program she works for, Engineering Tomorrow, to bring lab kits to the 9th grade class.

Beltecas said, “It is an amazing program and we are grateful for Kiera’s connection and promotion of our program to join.”

A big part of Science Research is taking part in competitions and of course the actual project you spend your time working on. In the past students would travel to nearby high schools to compete. Now, competitions are being held virtually and the students present their PowerPoints remotely. Students are also required to find internships over the summer that relate to their projects but due to COVID-19, sadly, many could not find a mentor to take them under their wing.

Junior Andrew Kelly said, “While I had a relatively easy time getting my internship, I still had to work on talking to new people and networking, which are both crucial skills. Overall it was a very positive and valuable experience for me!”

“I was unable to work in a lab this summer, so I instead had to do a data study project, where I ended up learning a lot about statistics,” senior Elise McCarthy said.

Though COVID-19 has put a damper on school, science research students and Mr. Beltecas have been able to try new teaching methods and make the best of the situation.