Interact Club Launches International Project Fundraiser

Spencer Conrad, Staff Reporter, Freshman

The Interact Club was founded earlier this year and has already amassed 31 members. The club is led by President Jamie Burke. It is made up of many students but it is part of a larger organization known as Rotary International. The Interact club has managed to stay active despite the pandemic working on many projects including planting flowers at Wolf’s Lane Park, writing Christmas cards to seniors who were unable to see their families due to COVID, and volunteering their time at Hope Community Services soup kitchen in New Rochelle. 

Recently, the club announced their next project — sending school supplies to needy schools in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. The club has outlined what types of materials should be donated including encyclopedias, educational reading books/materials, pencils, water bottles, shoes, calculators, dictionaries, and Bibles. Burke has also announced that the fundraiser has already received 50 items, but there is still a great need.  There are also special items that the club has announced that they want to give to the schools. One is a computer which will be given to the Netlintap Elementary school in the Philippines. These kids have never seen a computer before and this will be a way for the kids there to understand the technology of the modern age. The other item is a photocopying machine for the Rahala East Junior High School. Much of this school’s population is in extreme poverty and the school has no way to provide all of its students with printed materials. 

The donation campaign is expected to continue for a few more weeks, and students who wish to donate can find a donation box outside of the auditorium. For more information please contact Jamie Burke or Vice President Nevan Malwana.