As Sweet as it Sounds: Flour Power Bakery



Co-founders Lauren and Miranda are ready to create whatever they can to make everyone’s day a little sweeter!

Hannah Steinberg, Staff Reporter, Freshman

Walking into Flour Power bakery, you are greeted by an inviting and lively environment, full of bright colors, aesthetic decorations, and sweets. Delicious smells waft through the air – a paradise for a dessert lover. 

There is a darling ice cream parlor off to the side with many flavors and other sweet options, including delectable milkshakes. The amount of baked goods displayed is overwhelming yet incredible. There is an assortment of cafe drinks, teas, cakes, cupcakes, scones, cookies, croissants, muffins, and more. I was stunned by the variety of flavors the bakery had to offer and did not know what to get. I am vegan, making it tough to find tasty, diet-friendly desserts. However, this bakery had many vegan options in addition to the regular desserts. If you are gluten-free there are many choices to choose from too. So few bakeries have such a wide variety of allergen-friendly products, which is what makes this one so outstanding and special. 

When I ordered, the service was outstanding and while I waited, I stood on the socially distant conscious ice cream cones painted on the floor. When I tasted the vegan snickerdoodle, I was in awe of how rich, buttery, sweet, flavourful, and delicious it tasted. The cookie practically melted in my mouth. I wanted the taste to last forever! It is by far my favorite vegan cookie I have ever tasted. I also got croissants for my family, and they were in awe of the buttery, flaky, light, delicious goodness. Flour Power has temporarily paused online orders to fine tune some logistical issues, but once resolved, their baked goodies will be able to be ordered from the convenience of your couch!

On top of the amazing treats and environment, the owners have a heartwarming, inspiring story. The bakery is owned and operated by two young women, Lauren and Miranda whose dream was to open a bakery. The two met at culinary school in 2013 and instantly became best friends, lab partners, and eventually college roommates. Later on, the two worked together to open the business of their dreams, one that is fueled by their friendship and mutual love of baking. Both have always had a strong passion for baking and sweet treats, which is evident in the atmosphere and treats of the bakery. If you want to learn more about Lauren and Miranda, go to their website Flour Power bakery is the perfect addition to Pelham and has something for everyone. I highly recommend ordering or going when you have the chance so you can get a taste of their baked heaven.