Desserts Fit for a President

Some of our Former Chief Executives Favorite Sweets


No doubt George Washington’s favorite dessert must have been cherry pie — why else would he have chopped down that tree?  But what about the other presidents this Presidents’ Day? To celebrate all US presidents, we decided to look up an array of presidents and their favorite desserts. Grover Cleveland’s snickerdoodle cookies, James K. Polk’s vinegar pie, and FDR’s favorite blueberry pudding cake were three desserts we found and made in honor of Presidents’ Day. All three desserts had an old-fashioned feel to them, with simple ingredients and instructions. Our favorite was the blueberry pudding cake, which ended up tasting very similar to a blueberry muffin. To access the entire list of presidents’ favorite desserts, click the link below!

Grover Cleveland’s favorite, the snickerdoodle cookies had a crust, but inside the cookies were soft. The cookies were more of a cake like consistency on the inside and more dense than a traditional sugar cookie. The cookie had a very subtle sweet taste so the cinnamon sugar coating definitely added a sweet touch. These cookies were definitely different than your traditional snickerdoodle cookie, but most definitely worth a try! Click the link below for the recipe!

James K. Polk’s favorite dessert was vinegar pie, something our staff had never heard of before, and were intrigued to make. This dessert was the most simple of all, with only 6 ingredients and minimal prep. The ‘vinegar’ aspect to this pie was apple cider vinegar, yet in the end this pie really just tasted like sugar and eggs. The pie came out to be a custard-like consistency, which was unexpected, but still tasted great. This is definitely not your average pie, but is so simple and tastes sweet and custardy in the end, so we would recommend it!

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favorite dessert was blueberry pudding cake. With just a blueberry mixture and cake batter, it was super easy to make. It tastes just like a blueberry muffin, and I would recommend eating it straight out of the oven so it is still warm. Would definitely recommend making if you’re a fan of blueberries. Certainly worth giving a try! This was our favorite dessert out of the three. Below is the recipe!