Volunteer Opportunities in 2021

Graphic by: Volunteer New York

Ava Paolucci, Staff Reporter, Sophomore

Finding volunteer opportunities has been a challenge for many students during the pandemic. To accommodate, PMHS has recently cut the graduation requirement of 40 hours nearly in half.  While difficult to find, there are several opportunities that can be completed without leaving the house.   

Sew Free Mask Making:

DoSomething.org is offering an opportunity for people of any age to make masks that will be donated to homeless shelters, addiction shelters, family and women’s centers, along with food banks.  They supply a free template that is easy to follow and does not require any sewing skills. Along with the volunteer hours there is an opportunity to win 1,000 dollars in scholarship money.  There is a registration process, but everyone is allowed to volunteer and enter the competition.  

Online Tutoring: 

For those aged 15 years and older there is an opportunity to tutor younger students.  To express interest visit this site.  After filling out a registration form, be prepared with credentials; because there will be an evaluation process.  It should be known that tutors are expected to devote at least four 30 minute sessions each week.  This is not a walk on position, there will be a screening process, but it is a great opportunity to help other students during this time.   

Inspirational Videos for Senior Citizens:

One Change at a Time is a nonprofit whose mission is to bridge the generational gap.  They are currently looking for younger volunteers.  The organization asks that participants film themselves making inspirational videos for senior citizens stuck in homes, or long term stints at hospitals.  When finished post your video on some form of social media and tag #CareNotCOVID and #1Change.  To express interest and get credit for volunteer time contact Keneisha Witter at this site.  

To find more options Volunteer New York has lots of local and virtual possibilities with various qualifications and location specifications.  Guidance counselors are also around for support and can help in finding other opportunities.