The Do Something Club Volunteers via Facetime with Senior Citizens


Asia Bertuccioli, Co-Sports Editor, Senior

In previous years, clubs throughout PMHS have been able to attend nursing homes and hospitals to show their support of others by singing or simply having conversations with the older community. Due to COVID-19, these events have been put to a halt as senior facilities are at a high risk and have been closed off to outsiders.  However, the Do Something Club has found ways to still reach out in spite of some of the restrictions necessitated by COVID-19 by FaceTiming senior citizens to provide some extra support and cheer in their days.

In partnership with Youth Service Opportunity Projects, members of the Do Something Club,  five PMHS students took part in three one-hour long Zoom group calls with five senior citizens. They built bonds of how life life used to be pre-COVID and how it is now, and found connections through hobbies and interests. 

The Do Something Club’s president, sophomore Katie Brandler said, “Both teens and senior citizens have been hit hard by COVID, and these conversations allowed us to talk about our experiences and learn things from each other!”

The Do Something Club meets every Monday and all students can join through google classroom with the code: 67wppt2 to participate and be involved in events.