A New Club Connects Pelham Students with Seniors


Kate Loughran, News Editor, Junior

A new club has been founded in an attempt to stimulate community outreach during the pandemic, specifically to nursing homes. Those in nursing homes have been significantly affected by the pandemic in many ways, but especially in social interaction. Due to their old age and health conditions, the pandemic has been hard for this group, and any interaction they can have can lift spirits. The Senior Pen Pals Club is attempting to bring about this interaction. 

There are many nursing homes surrounding Pelham and club leaders, juniors Paige Felgner and Amelia Koff, thought that giving Pelham students a senior penpal would positively benefit both groups. Those who are in the club get a penpal who they write letters to and it helps the seniors feel less alone. 

Felgner said, “Although we have all had a hard time dealing with this pandemic, some of those that have been hit the hardest are the senior citizens. Being stuck in nursing homes with no visitors and being unable to leave left many seniors feeling isolated and lonely.”

Club member, junior Eileen Mazzaro shared her excitement for the club. 

Mazzaro said, “I think it’s really great that we have the opportunity to connect with elders especially during this time.  Learning about new people is a rewarding experience and I hope to continue to stay in touch with my pen pal beyond high school!”