SA Holds Olympics Food Drive


Ellie O'Sullivan, Editor in Chief, Junior

The Olympics has been an annual tradition at PMHS for many years, and each year each grade competes in different competitions as the grades strive to beat each other on the day of Olympics. One competition that is often forgotten is the food drive. In past years it has been called the can drive, but this year the guidelines have been changed. While food donations are still encouraged, cash donations are expected much moreso. Each individual is asked to either donate money to their respective grade’s fund, or create one of three bags of food that can then be given to the respective SA officer or grade advisor.

The QR Code for the MySchoolBucks, where one can send money, is attached in the image above. There are three options for the donatable bags:

  1. Pasta Dinner Bags
  • Box of macaroni
  • Can/plastic container of tomato sauce
  1. Chill Chasers
  • Box of instant cereal packets
  • Cans of soup (one or two)
  • Crackers
  • Goldfish or fruit snacks
  1. Hug in a Mug
  • Box of hot chocolate 
  • Can or box of soup
  • Pretzels, cracker, and/or fruit snacks

Guidelines include having visual nutrition facts and ingredients, all contents must fit into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag, and all items must be new or not past ‘best by date’. One $10 donation is equal to one bag. The drive ends March 19. 

Junior Austin Kelly, SA Senator, said, “This is the easiest way to get people to donate to charity: make it a competition. Make it so that everyone is trying so hard to feed the homeless, partially to feed the homeless and partially to beat other classmates. It’s a perfect scheme to raise a ton of money for people in need.”