Changes to Regents Exams


Graphic by Grace Condon

Grace Condon, Clubs Editor, Junior

Traditionally, the New York State Regents Exams are held in June, with secondary dates in August and January. Last year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exams were canceled altogether. In order to graduate, and receive a high school diploma, PMHS students are required to pass at least one Regents Exam in mathematics, science, English, and social studies.

“Whereas I highly value the Regents Exam every year as a goal toward measuring some of our success, and it is a major incentive to learning for students as well as great experience for standardized exams, I understand why they had to cancel it due to the many different ways in which the pandemic has affected our students and teachers,” social studies teacher Mr. James Ferreri said.

In order to fulfill students’ graduation requirements, only a few of the extensive list Regents exams will be administered. These include the Algebra I, ELA, Living Environment, and Earth Science Regents exams. The administration of these exams will allow for the requirement to pass at least one regents exam in ELA, science, and math to be met. The additional exams that are traditionally held, the exams in Algebra II, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Global History and Geography, and United States History and Government have been canceled for the dates in both June and August. 

Regents diplomas are given to the students who pass four Regents exams, one in each of the core subjects. Advanced designations are also given to students who pass seven Regents exams. Since students were exempt from some Regents exams last year, continuing to this year, mastery and honors nominations can be placed on their diploma, but instead of using Regents exam scores, they will be determined by course grades.